We are YAM.

Young African MBAs (YAM) is a first-mover and one of the fastest growing organizations of its kind on a mission to shift the paradigm in management talent on the African continent. Founded in 2012 by four MBA alumni of some of the world’s most prestigious business schools, YAM offers a comprehensive suite of products and services across the Africa-focused recruiting value chain, all in a bid to deliver the best in management talent to the African continent.


The organization was initially geared toward MBA holders, but it has evolved and now YAM has expanded its membership to 2,000 professionals spread across the globe some of whom are neither Young, African, nor MBAs. Our management team now consists of 20 working class professionals. 


YAM was recently featured in the Harvard Business School Alumni magazine for the difference we are making in helping to bridge the management talent gap in Africa –> YAM “Making a Difference”

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